Hoist On His Own Hubris

Senior intel official suspects U.S. paid cash ransom for Bergdahl too « Hot Air

Can’t be true. Ransoms are paid for hostages, and Jay Carney assured me Bergdahl was a prisoner, not a hostage.

“Obama’s government” was desperate to get him back for a number of reasons:  As a “Look, Squirrel” distraction from the exploding VA scandal (which accounted for the sudden haste; as a means of releasing the worst of the worst of the barbarian savage Taliban leadership held at Gitmo, as prelude for dumping the rest of them; and as a presumed political triumph for Obama, leading into the fall election.

So, how’s that working out for “your government,” President Dumbtard?

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  1. Speaking of monetary concerns…anyone know whether Sgt. Bergdahl has yet been proffered his “back pay” for those years he was being “held prisoner by the enemy”?

    Which would, of course, include a premium sum for “combat pay”, yes? Plus some sort of “compensation” for other benefits he accrued while he was a “prisoner”?

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