And I’m Not Talking About Being Embedded In the Bar At the Baghdad Hilton, Either

New York Times Editorial Board: Republican Psychopaths are Smearing Bowe Bergdahl

The report speculates that he most likely left in darkness after the moon had set, following one of two possible routes through the concertina wire.

While much of the report is said to focus on disciplinary problems in his unit and a lack of accountability in its chain of command, it is also said to portray Sergeant Bergdahl as a free-spirited young man who read martial-arts books, drank tea with Afghan soldiers from whom he tried to pick up Pashto phrases, and maintained a collection of throwing stars and knives, which it documents in detail.

How does that “suggest” that Berdgah’s platoonmates are more responsible for his desertion than Bergdahl?

Pertinent question:  Is there anybody now working at the New York Times who has ever served in the American military?

I “suggest” that it’s obvious nobody at the Times who is working on the Bergdahl story has ever served.

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