Early Polling On Bergdahl – Before It Became Clear He Was a Traitor

Public Disapproval of Bergdahl deal

If the allegations about how Bergdahl was captured turn out to be true, support for the deal could fall even further, particularly among Republicans. Only 24% of Americans think that the government even has a responsibility to try and rescue a deserter who is captured by enemy combatants. This compares to 82% for soldiers that get lost and captured, 87% for soldiers who are wounded and captured. Even for soldiers that surrender to the enemy, most Americans (57%) think that the government has a responsibility to rescue them.

Yeah, I would expect those polls to crash to the basement, too.  At which point they’ll get a lot less coverage.

One thing I don’t understand:  A thirty point drop from retrieving wounded soldiers to retrieving those forced to surrender?

What I think that disparity demonstrates is just how few Americans these days have any understanding of the military or of warfare.

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Early Polling On Bergdahl – Before It Became Clear He Was a Traitor — 3 Comments

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    (OK, that’s a plain lie. The real reason is that there are hundreds of tags and I’m too lazy to uncheck most of them.)

  2. I really think that there’re way too many people represented in that poll who either didn’t really think through their answer re: rescuing/exchanging for a U.S. military member forced to surrender, or have the mistaken idea that “death before surrender” is somehow incumbent upon U.S. military personnel.

    Then again, we don’t know how that particular part of the poll was phrased, and that could heavily-bias the responses.

    Does seem a bit odd, though…

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