Erick Erickson Is Wrong About One Thing….

Think Progress: It’s the Army’s Fault We Traded Five Terrorists | RedState

The shark has officially been jumped by the left. Think Progress, the left wing site that has no intellectual honesty, actually has a post entitled “Did Sergeant Bergdahl Desert The Army Or Did The Army Desert Him?

They allege that Bowe Bergdahl might have been mentally ill and the Army should have done a better job of dealing with him instead of letting him wander off base.

First, doesn’t that make Joe Scarborough’s comments about Bergdahl’s father exactly accurate?

Second, really? I mean really? The guy leaves the base in search of the Taliban and it is the army’s problem? This is desperate spin from desperate people who still can’t answer one question: why trade five terrorists for one deserter? No one is saying we should have left Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan.

Really?  Nobody?

I’m saying it, so consider that contention falsified.  He got himself into the problem.  Let him get himself out of it.  And certainly don’t waste American lives on him, either the soldiers who died hunting for him after his desertion, or Americans who will die in the future at the hands of the Muslim barbarian savages we released to retrieve his worthless carcass so that Barack Obama could (he thought) score a big political triumph.

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Erick Erickson Is Wrong About One Thing…. — 6 Comments

  1. No one is saying we should have left Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan.

    I’m saying it, so consider that contention falsified.

    You don’t count because you’re an old* white** man***.

    * Which has little to do with the number of years you’ve lived and much to do with your incorrect opinions.

    ** Not that race has any real meaning; it’s just an artificial construct used to justify oppression by white men.

    *** I mean, what the hell is wrong with you? You went for the trifecta of political incorrectness.

  2. You are both wrong.

    Berghdahl was/is a useless piece of crap a “bird,” however even people as idiotic as this guy have information that is useful to both the people who captured/he defected to, at the time of his desertion, but also to the people who he deserted once he is returned to the gentile hands of in country debriefers/interogators.

    The Talibe wanted to use him as a propoganda tool, and they got that, but he should also be questioned for information, IN Afghanistan, BY his unit, and then retunrned to his unit, or the unit that replaced his unit for a summary in field, and shot in the fucking head.

    Since you are undoubtedly familiar with “Starship Troopers,” I will include the portion of the story early in the book about the deserter who did a horrible thing. something like “He didn’t deserve it.” a reference to the next line, “But he was one of ours, and we would take care of him.” meaning we will clean up our own messes.

    May seem archaic, but that sort of stuff is what makes us the best.

    Kill him, yes, but we deserve the righteous self understanding that WE took care of him ourselves. Lets see if Obama denies our men that satisfaction.

    • Obama won’t do a damned thing to him, and he’ll protect him from anybody else who might “take care of him.” That’s a given.

      And since it is, I still say, let him rot in the shithole of his own making, until the Taliban get tired of him and saw off his head with a rusty scimitar.

    • …we deserve the righteous self understanding that WE took care of him ourselves.

      Oh, please…

      Park your “righteous self understanding” where the sunshine never gets to.

      Based upon the available evidence – PLUS the statements of Bergdahl’s own close relatives – Plus the voluntary statements by other members of Bergdahl’s unit in Afghanistan when he went “over the hill” and was “captured” by the Taliban – the ONLY net-losers if he had simply been left where he was (with the Taliban) would have been…the “loser” himself and, in the end, the Taliban who were “holding” him.

      Unfortunately – as Bill makes reference to – Barky’s not going to harm a single hair on li’l Bowe’s almost-entirely-empty head. Instead – having already been apparently rewarded with a promotion to Sergeant – we can expect that Barky will now do his damnedest to a) shield him from any sort of retribution for his desertion, his dereliction of duty or his apparent collaboration with the enemy, much less his possible complicity in obtaining the release of five high-value terrorists/enemy combatants, b) give him an Honorable Discharge from the U.S. military, c) give him as high an award of “merit” as possible, complete with an official Oval Office or Rose Garden presentation, and d) get him a book “deal”, in order to make sure he gets to “tell his story” and also give him a nice chunk of “walkin’ around” money.

      The only thing that MAY keep any or all of that from happening is if there’s enough public stink raised about what REALLY happened – what Bergdahl really was like,and what he really did – and The Obamanation And Fellow-Travelers are already digging away, fast and furious, trying to stifle all that.

      Also as Bill refers to – Bergdahl should have been left right where he was – in the situation he created, willfully and with malice aforethought – until the Taliban got tired of his stupid act, and finished him off with a rusty blade or maybe just a bullet in his mostly-empty head.

      Instead, we have yet another Obamanation “Oh, Look, A Squirrel!” circus – which will end badly, no matter how it goes eventually.

  3. Obama and Co. have already signaled how they will treat the filthy defector by promotion from PFC to SGT. This was either two promotions or a rare double promotion. Lot’s of love for a US soldier who has come over to Obama’s side.

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