What Do You Expect? Kristoff Is A Hack

Why Did Nicholas Kristof Believe Somaly Mam’s Lies? – Hit & Run : Reason.com

Yesterday a second shoe started to drop. Mam’s greatest champion
in the American press has been Nicholas Kristof of The New York
who has praised the woman in incandescent terms and
even went for a ride-along on one of her brothel raids. In a brief
blog post
 published Monday, Kristof says he doesn’t “know
quite what to think” about the controversy, and that he’s
“reluctant to be an arbiter of her back story when I just don’t
know what is true and false.”

He offers some reasons one might doubt a few (hardly all) of the accusations against Mam, and he promises to “poke around” for the facts. All in all a rather weak
response, given that some of these charges have been out there
for years now. This surely isn’t the first time Kristof has heard
any of them, though it may be the first time he’s had to think
about taking them seriously.

Why?  Because Kristoff is a progressive hack, not an actual, you know, journalist.  He buys the lefty narrative and sells the socialist sizzle.  No objective facts need intrude.

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