Let It Be, Let It Be, Let It Be, Let It Be, There Will Be An Answer, Let It Be….

The Jawa Report: Couple Taken Captive in Afghanistan Appear in Video

Well they have certainly lost weight. As well as the contents of their bank account. I wonder if they still believe…

They really and truly believed that if people were loved and treated with respect that that would be given back to them in kind,” said Linda Boyle, Boyle’s mother. “So as odd it as it may seem to us that they were there, they truly believed with all their heart that if they treated people properly, they would be treated properly.”

Obviously they are being held for the money. Kidnapping is al-Qaeda’s #1 way to raise funds. These foolish folks have handed themselves to the Taliban, for whom kidnapping and ransoming Kuffar is as right as rain.

We pray for their immediate and unconditional release, I mean since they have no money left. What’s the point? Can’t get blood from a turnip.

Should the US pay and encourage the kidnapping of other fools? No probably not. Unfortunately they are dependent on the mercy of the Taliban, which is in short support despite all that bismillah al raham al rahim bullshit.

Stupidity is often fatal, and that is as it should be.  Suicidal idiocy is the way the human gene pool cleanses itself.

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