Senator Michelle

Speculation Builds on Michelle Obama Senate Run | NBC Chicago

It wasn’t that long ago that such a slogan would seem absurd, but political wags are beginning to wonder whether Michelle Obama is mulling a run for Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk’s seat in 2016.

Hey, why not?  Apparently the only qualifications you need to be elected to high office in America these days is to be related to somebody who was previously elected to high office.

It’s that good old aristocratic blood, I suppose.  Born to, or married into, the throne.

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Senator Michelle — 3 Comments

  1. Perfect…just what we need: Yet another female Progtard Senatorial candidate whose primary (and pretty much ONLY)political “qualification” for the office is being married to a Democrap POTUS during his two terms hangin’ out in the Oval Office…

    Then, if when successfully elected, after a couple of years, we could look forward to the “Draft Moochelle For POTUS” movement…which would be just about as “appetizing” as a jackass’ bowel movement, and would smell even worse.

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