“Maya Angelou, Racist, US-Hating, Anti-Semitic Nutjob, Most Overrated Crappy Writer…”

Dead Poets Society | The American Spectator

The Clinton Inauguration served as the occasion for Meroney’s, and much of America’s, sudden interest in Dr. Angelou. In homage to his hero John F. Kennedy, who had taken the unusual step of naming an official poet for the occasion of his taking the reins of power, the incoming president had named Angelou his ceremony’s poetess—foreshadowing that 42 was to 35 what Maya Angelou was to Robert Frost.

Well, I suppose.  Frost is considered one of America’s greatest poets, and “Dr. Angelou” was a self-promoting fraud.  So to some minor extent, the Kennedy-Clinton parallel is reasonably apt, I guess.

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