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Bergdahl swap may make closing Guantanamo harder – Yahoo News

ASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama’s goal of closing the Guantanamo Bay prison is facing re-energized opposition from Republicans and increased questioning from fellow Democrats amid widespread anger in Congress over the swap of five Taliban detainees for the last American prisoner of war in Afghanistan.

Not to worry.  Harry Reid will find a way to make sure that never happens.

Despite the bipartisan concern, Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., accused Republicans of playing politics. In the Senate on Wednesday he read aloud past statements from Republicans who said no U.S. service member should be left behind.



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So Predictable — 2 Comments

  1. Here’s my prediction: the continuing release of Gitmo detainees to clear it out, shut it down, and repatriate it to the Castro Bros. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Obama found a way to release the Blind Sheik to some Muslim Brotherhood front.

  2. No one left behind. Unless of course it is more politically expedient to leave them to die on a rooftop in Benghazi facing overwhelming Al-Qaeda forces.

    I never knew about that second part of that old American adage.

    Then again, Obama wasn’t raised in America.

    PS Did I mention the Taliban were basically indistinguishable from Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. Never forget, never forgive. Obama.

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