Bowe Bergdahl for Senate, Secretary of State, President!

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So now that we have this charming specimen of humanity back home, and the drawdown in Afghanistan can continue apace, just what do we do now with The Questionable SGT Bergdahl. Perhaps Ralph Peters has the best idea we’ve heard yet.

We already know, as the military has known since the first 24 hours after Bergdahl abandoned his post, that sufficient evidence exists for a court-martial, but it’s important to do this by the numbers. It’s hard to believe that the resulting court-martial would not find Bergdahl guilty of desertion….. If he is convicted, I for one do not want him to go to prison. I’m sure he’s paid and paid for betraying his comrades…. But if he is found guilty, he needs to be formally reduced to the rank of private, stripped of all privileges and entitlements (the taxpayer should not pay for a deserter’s lifelong health care — Bergdahl’s book and film deals can cover that), and he should be given the appropriate prison sentence, which would then be commuted by the president. Thereafter, let Mr. Bergdahl go home and live with himself.

After that, the Modern Progressives can have their Rock Star. He can wander the politically correct college campuses nationwide with the same gay abandon that he wandered off his fire base and into the hands of The Taliban. There is probably no non-violent means left at our disposal to prevent this deserter from become a millionaire several times over for precisely the act of desertion that makes him so morally loathsome to many of his former comrades in arms. He is home because the New Left couldn’t leave one of their own behind. As a deserter who hated both the Army and America; he so completely represents everything they feel in their hearts about the US Military.

I don’t get it.  Why is giving this guy a slap on the wrist, then releasing him to become a “rock-star” symbol for the Left, a role which guarantees him wealth, fame, celebrity, and power to be considered as “the best idea we’ve heard yet?”

Maybe eventually he’ll be able to marry an extremely wealthy woman, become a long-time Senator,  run for President, and end up as Secretary of State.

What a terrible punishment for treason!

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