He Made America Weaker, But It’s Not His Fault. Bush Made Him Do It.

Fox News Poll: Voters say Obama has made America weaker | Fox News

By a decisive 20 percentage-point margin, Americans think the country is weaker under the leadership of President Obama, whose White House is seen as less competent than the previous two administrations. 

These are just some of the findings from a new Fox News national poll.

Fifty-five percent of voters think the Obama administration has made America weaker. That includes 22 percent of Democrats, 59 percent of independents and 89 percent of Republicans. 

But, by golly, they don’t blame him for it.  Not the way they blamed the hated George W. Bush.

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He Made America Weaker, But It’s Not His Fault. Bush Made Him Do It. — 2 Comments

  1. And yet…

    Didn’t I just read where certain “public polls” show Barky’s “approval numbers” have just recently had a wee up-tick?

    Just how is that possible? The Monstrously Slimewort Mediascuts influence? That newfangled Core Curriculum math? Plain ol’ polling prevarication? Or has the Magick Negro worked his mass-hypnotic magickin’ once again?

    …by golly, they don’t blame him for it.

    The Totally Teflon, Un-Stickable, Un-Besmirchable, Shiny-Stainless Flim-Flammin’est Flim-Flammer EVAH!!…

    Muhammad Ali, eat.your.HEART.OUT!!!…had you been even half as untouchable as Li’l Barky has proven to be, ol’ Smokin’ Joe Frazier never woulda grazed you…

    When I see Barky’s “approval” numbers go to under – say – 30 to 35 percentage points… then stay there…I’ll start to believe that people have finally started to wake up and smell the destruction – maybe enough of them, even, to start the long, slow, stumbling trail back from Downhill Obamanational Destruction.

    Until then, though…

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