NYC Liberal Fascist Wages War Against Park Avenue

Manhattan Transfer by Matthew Hennessey, City Journal 4 June 2014

In January, residents of Manhattan’s Upper East Side accused new mayor Bill de Blasio, a Brooklynite, of ordering the city’s sanitation department to direct resources away from their neighborhood during a snowstorm. The lack of snowplows on Park Avenue during the worst parts of the storm, they said, was a petty form of retribution for the district’s support of Republican Joe Lhota in the November 2013 mayoral election.

Huh.  When Republican Chris Christie was accused of a similar instance of political retribution, the MSM made it national news for weeks.  But when socialist Democrat Di Blasio is accused of doing the same sort of thing, well, you know how the MSM handled it.

Bupkus.  Zero.  See, hear, speak, write, and report no evil.  Di Blasio is one of theirs.

It’s funny how it seems to work out like this just about every single time, isn’t it?

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NYC Liberal Fascist Wages War Against Park Avenue — 2 Comments

  1. Not quite sure what you’re getting at here, Bill. Newspaper and TV news editors and analysts have studied the question of bias and have determined that there is no liberal bias to the news.

    Oh, sure, a lot of reporters, especially the younger ones, lean liberal, but the editors and more senior reporters are much more conservative, so it all balances out.

    (That was from 15 or 20 years ago. The assertion that editors are more conservative than young reporters is correct but misleading in context. IIRC, young reporters voted Democrat 95% of the time whereas editors and grizzled reporters voted Democrat only 89% of the time.)

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