They’d Rather Talk About a Treasonous Deserter than the VA Scandal

NYT: Bergdahl left a note saying that he was deserting « Hot Air

Makes sense. The White House knew this was a bad deal and didn’t want to give opponents, whether in Congress or in the IC, any time to rally opposition in the media. But that brings us back to the key question: Knowing that the deal was bad, knowing that Bergdahl had left a de facto confession to desertion in his tent before he went AWOL, why would they go ahead with it? This isn’t going to help O build political momentum to empty out Gitmo, assuming that’s the secret motive behind all of this. On the contrary.

They did it to distract from the VA scandal.  They’d much rather have the press nattering on about a Bergdahl did-he, didn’t he than having them talking about the deadly VA scandal, which polls indicate is already causing Obama tremendous damage.

That’s why all the normally see, hear, speak no evil Obama media fanbois are all over the Bergdahl story:  Marching orders from on high.

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