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Muni sickout causing delays across city – SFGate

The sickout came amid displeasure over a proposed labor agreement that was the subject of a vote Friday by Muni operators. The outcome of the vote has not been announced, but a handful of drivers who would not identify themselves at a news conference Monday afternoon said it was defeated.

Officials with Local 250-A did not take a position on the tentative agreement, which was reached with the assistance of a mediator, but called the MTA’s offer unfair and unreasonable.

Under the proposal, Muni workers would get 11.25 percent in raises over two years, but they would pick up a 7.5 percent pension payment now paid by the MTA. The contract would push operator pay to about $32 an hour July 1, making Muni drivers the second-highest-paid transit workers in the country, according to the MTA.

One of the fun factoids that emerged yesterday was that the “muni workers” (workers? hah!) wanted The City to stop construction on the new Market Street Transit Tunnel (badly needed, by the way), and use the money thus saved to build restrooms for the bus drivers.

A handful of drivers who wouldn’t give their names out of fear of being fired said the sickout was a grassroots strategy that spread among transit operators by word of mouth and was kept largely confidential. Muni officials said they had heard rumors and anticipated some impact, especially as an increased number of operators called in sick Sunday evening.

They’re lying.  This was without a doubt planned and ordered by the union people.  The average Muni employee couldn’t couldn’t organize a fuck in a brothel with a fist full of fifties.

You can bet there will be no lasting consequences, however.  The communist politicians who run San Francisco on behalf of the suicidally masochistic idiots who elect them are entirely in the pockets of the public unions in this town.

Some riders, like Yosimar Reyes, 25, said they supported the workers’ struggle for a better contract.

“Even though it’s troublesome for us, it’s important that we look at how we can address the needs of the workers. Especially now, we can see how much they contribute to running this city.”

Did I mention suicidal idiots?  Yeah, it’s important that we look at addressing the needs of the workers of San Francisco.  Especially those whom the human-hating, auto-hating Greens have herded into total dependence on public transit.

I’d fire every Muni worker who called in sick, for openers.  Then I’d cut the salaries of the rest in half and use the money saved to automate the entire system as much as possible.  Or simply do away with unions for public employees entirely.

The best solution of all would be to privatize public transit itself.  Of course, then we’d end up paying welfare for unemployable former public transit workers, who are unfit to do much other than sit on their fat asses (most of the bus drivers look like overstuffed bags of crap) and practice being rude to the people who pay their salaries.

San Francisco:  Where the Golden Gate leads only to a Progressive Prison.

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  1. “Even though it’s troublesome for us, it’s important that we look at how we can address the needs of the workers. Especially now, we can see how much they contribute to running this city.”

    The guy’s probably a Clipper Card user. Clipper Card holders get unlimited Muni use each month for a flat fee, a little under seventy bucks. They can afford to profess caring and concern for put-upon Muni personnel.

    When the Muni drivers get their raises, end the monthly pass unlimited access and charge a substantially higher monthly pass fee to cover the wage increases. I’ll bet guys like Yosimar will be singing a different tune.

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