Those Who Refuse to Learn From History…Are Suicidal Idiots

Ted Cruz wins presidential straw poll at Republican Leadership Conference – CNN Political Ticker – Blogs

(CNN) – Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has won another straw poll, boosting his national profile and elevating his name among potential 2016 presidential contenders.

The firebrand freshman senator and tea party favorite was among a handful of 2016 hopefuls speaking at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans this week.

Cruz finished in first place in the annual conference’s presidential straw poll at 30.33%. Dr. Ben Carson, a Fox News commentator and conservative activist, finished in second with 29.38% while Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, was third with 10.43%.

So Cruz barely beats out Dr. Carson, who still hasn’t repudiated his weird notions about the Second Amendment and American liberties, by a mere point?  Among conservatives?

Goody.  Looks like we’ll have another Santorum-Gingrich-Perry-Etc. bloodletting among the hard right, while somebody like Jeb Bush sneaks off with the nomination, and then gets his ass kicked in the general.  Again.

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Those Who Refuse to Learn From History…Are Suicidal Idiots — 2 Comments

  1. As has been stated before numerous times, History may or may not exactly repeat, but it sure does rhyme an awful lot, and most of the time with quite similarly-nasty results.

    Welcome to Hurricane Season 2014-16; aka, the onset of the Season Of Quadrennial U.S. Political Insanity And Low-Grade Suicide. The official Seasonal Motto: Just When You Thought Things Couldn’t Possibly Get Worse…

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