Ballmer Buys Clips?

Ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer reportedly buys the LA Clippers for $2 billion | The Verge

Steve Ballmer needs something to keep him busy now that he’s left his position as CEO of Microsoft, and he may have just found it in the NBA. The former tech executive has reportedly put down a record $2 billion to buy the Los Angeles Clippers, reports The Los Angeles Times. The deal was reached with Shelly Sterling, the wife of Clippers owner Donald Sterling and the person in charge of the bidding, but it reportedly still needs approval from Donald too. Remarks from his lawyer suggest that Sterling may not be ready to give up his team just yet, though he may be forced to soon.

Well, a guy’s gotta keep busy, you know.  And it’s not like he can’t afford to have a hobby.

Betcha he doesn’t let anybody make sub rosa recordings of him, either.


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Ballmer Buys Clips? — 6 Comments

  1. I seem to recall that microcrap (as well as facepuke, google, apple and the rest of those megacorps out there lack a certain diversity in their workforces. I don’t see how the nba could POSSIBLY allow another RAAAACIST!!!! CAPITALIST!!!1! to own that team. They will obviously have to find a way fanigle it over to the black man with aids…

    • I’ve spent a fair amount of time on campus in Redmond, and Microsoft is certainly nowhere near as lily-white as Google. There are a ton of Asians of various nationalities – everything from east Asian Arab to Chinese/Korean/Malaysian/Japanese, and of course lots of Indians. Also a fair number of blacks. Also Scandis, Russians, east Europeans, etc., but of course under the rules of leftist discourse, those don’t contribute to diversity.

      They also have plenty of women, even in the tech positions. In admin, it’s probably women 2 to 1.

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