Now We Know How Obama Became What He is Today

Hawaii man gets probation for making son walk 1 mile home from school | Fox News

A judge sentenced a Hawaii man to one year of probation and a $200 fine for making his son walk a mile home from school as a form of discipline.

Judge Kathleen Watanabe called the punishment “old-school” and no longer appropriate, the Garden Island newspaper reported Thursday.

Robert Demond of Kilauea said he picked up his son from school and asked about a matter that had been brought to his attention. When the son didn’t respond, Demond made him walk home to think about his actions.

What?  I mean What.  Fucking.  What?

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  1. Maybe the walk was through a vampire gnat forest? Otherwise, yah. WTF? My high school was almost two miles (almost exactly 3km) from home, and I walked or bicycled it every day unless I scrounged a ride. Even my elementary school was almost a mile, and I walked that when I was six. In the snow.

      • Trust me on this, there’s almost certainly either a semi-hysterical ex-spouse or a public school system nosey-Parker (or maybe more than one) of one sort or another directly involved…

        Something Mr. Demond forgot temporarily, or somehow did not know already: Your kids no longer “belong” to you or your household – they are now the property of Whoever/Whatever The “Local Authorities” Listen To And/Or Authorize. Your “input” to the child-rearing process consists of providing funds, housing, clothing, food and the occasional affectionate pat on the head or shoulder, all of which is subject to detailed review at any time. You will be Duly Informed and Properly Chastised if you attempt, at any time, any other involvement in the “growing-up” process of the little semi-barbarian for which you have nominal day-to-day custody and total legal responsibility, 24/7/365 and 1/4. No exceptions, no excuses.

        All Your Offspring Are Belong Us, Demond…

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