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University appeals bias ruling for conservative prof – Washington Times

A North Carolina university that lost a seven-year legal battle over bias against a conservative professor has decided to file an appeal, citing the “potentially excessive” cost of reimbursing him for attorneys’ fees.

The University of North Carolina Wilmington issued a statement Thursday estimating that a federal judge’s ruling in favor of instructor Mike Adams, a criminology professor who was granted tenure, back pay, damages and attorneys’ fees in April, could cost the public university more than $1 million.

“We do not believe it is appropriate to require the taxpayers of North Carolina to underwrite such potentially excessive lawyer fees and costs,” said the UNCW statement.

The university’s position didn’t elicit much sympathy from state Sen. Thom Goolsby, who said UNCW officials had ample opportunity to settle the lawsuit by agreeing to grant Mr. Adams tenure instead of allowing the challenge to drag on for seven years.

I don’t think it is appropriate that the taxpayers should have to fund the oppressive leftist bias of the administration of UNCW, either.  I think the entire amount should be raised by firing the administrators responsible for the fiasco, cancelling their pensions, and shuttering their offices permanently.

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  1. Absolutely agree – also included as at least a major “participant” in the funding of the necessary payment, of course, should be the lack-witted attorney/ies or other “legal authority” responsible for inciting and/or aiding and abetting UNCW administrators in their already-expensive seven-year-long losing struggle attempting to avoid a responsible solution to the lawsuit.

    Yet another reason why I am relieved that my once-upon-a-time attempt to become a college or university teaching faculty member came, after a few years, to nothing: I would almost certainly have had to somehow endure working with/for administrators like the ones involved here. What a bunch of bad bananas…

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