It’s Clowns All the Way Down

Disastrous Afghanistan Trip For President Obama – American Military News

In a trip that was supposed to be a simple Memorial Day visit to the troops, President Obama’s Afghanistan visit was marked by miscues and mistrust.

Afghan President Harmid Karzai refused to meet with President Barack Obama during Mr. Obama’s visit to the country, and the White House hinted they would simply wait for Karzai’s successor. In addition, White House press materials outed the CIA’s top spy in the country, and blamed the military for their mistake.

Since the White House didn’t trust Mr. Karzai with the information that Mr. Obama would be coming to Afghanistan, it forced the White House to deliver a last-minute invitation to meet. Karzai declined to meet with Obama, to return the diplomatic slight.

The failure was not that Karzai rebuffed Obama after the pro-forma invitation. The failure was in not securing an agreement with Karzai, so that a longer Afghanistan trip would have been arranged.

In an unforced own-goal, the White House blew the cover for the CIA’s station chief in Kabul, Afghanistan Saturday.

However incompetent you think the Obama administration is, well, it’s worse.  As it continues to demonstrate almost every day.

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