Beckel, Um, Ejaculates

The Five’s Beckel Accuses Guilfoyle of ‘Treasonous’ Remark About Obama | Mediaite

The Five‘s Bob Beckel is known to go off onangry rants sometimes, but this time something one of his co-hosts said about President Obama bothered him so much, he cried that it was basically a “treasonous” thing to say.

What set Beckel off this time? Well, his co-hosts were going after Obama on foreign policy and Dana Perino pointed out how al-Qaeda affiliates have “spread all over” during Obama’s presidency. Kimberly Guilfoyle said, “This is the problem. I just don’t think he understands––honestly––I really don’t think he has a grasp on what it means to have a cohesive, coherent foreign policy or how to combat the war on terror. We cannot go around to our enemies, ‘Let me hug you and then let me drone you…’”

It was at this point that Beckel jumped in and shouted, “That’s treasonous, what you just said!”

I think what Beckel meant to accuse her of was heresy.  He doesn’t like criticism of the divine member to which he kneels every morning in his hottest fantasies.


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Beckel, Um, Ejaculates — 4 Comments

  1. I think what Beckel meant to accuse her of was heresy.

    Probably. But watch for more uses of the terms “treasonous” or “traitor” among the frothing left over the next few weeks. They’re always looking for the next word with a bad connotation that they can re-purpose to effectively mean “you are not a fervent leftist, and therefore you are despicable and wrong”.

    I think the first term they did that with was “fascist”. I don’t think most people under 30 even know the original meaning of the term, since schools don’t teach much history these days. At least, not any history where the United States is on the right side.

    Others off the top of my head include “racist”, “extremist”, and “mean-spirited”.

    When you look at modern leftists first as post-modernists, it just changes the way you look at almost everything they say. You expect them to routinely use words as nothing more than propaganda tools, and not with any intent to convey meaning. Because they don’t think there is any underlying objective meaning in the first place.

    Beckel can easily re-define “treasonous” in his own mind to no longer mean “actively working to overthrow one’s government”, but instead to mean “criticizes a leftist office holder”. He doesn’t think he’s lying or distorting, because he doesn’t believe there is an objective truth to use a standard for what a lie is. “Truth” is whatever you can get the majority to accept, or even what you get a minority to accept if you can manage to shame the majority into not challenging it (via semantically null phrases such as “check your privilege”).

    • I agree with you about leftists – or progressives of any stripe – who deny the existence of objective truth, which I take it to mean, “reality.”

      An example: In their mind, men and women should be equal in all things, and so, therefore, they are equal in all things.

      Until a female progressive of high intellect finds herself being raped and beaten by a low IQ male who is able to do so easily because, in reality, he has naturally much greater upper body strength than she does. At which point reality bites, which causes said leftists to demand that the state, which they worship as a god, work a divine miracle to change all that and turn the world into the reality they believe, or wish, it to be.

      • “At which point reality bites”

        Ha, thanks for the laugh.

        After the Haitian earthquake, some goofy liberal woman down there helping out got raped on a rooftop. She tried to get him to leave her alone by pointing out how she was there to help and everything, but he didn’t care.

        Afterwards she posted about it online and basically blamed herself.

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