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There is an internal investigation underway in the Santa Barbara’s Sheriff’s Department right now, trying to figure out why they decided not to take Rodger into custody — as well there should be.  California has more than sufficient laws to have prevented this tragedy.  It has mandatory background checks for gun purchases; no private party sales allowed; mandatory registration of guns for those moving into California; a mental health observation custody law that is so relaxed that I have talked to people who have been victims of abuse under it.  (One person I knew in Santa Rosa made some overheated remark about the paperwork required to get a zoning change along the lines of “if I have to do this again, I’ll kill myself” and spent an hour in a mental hospital, and then months suing to get his guns back.)

Yet even with all this, the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department dropped the ball: and at least seven people are dead who did not need to be. California has enough laws: they need to enforce them.

When it comes to guns, California has far too many laws.  And many of them are unconstitutional.

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    • Agreed throughout – in fact, when looked at with any sort of clarity of vision, California simply has far too many laws – most of which are either unConstitutionally violative of individual human rights, ineffective for any purpose except to control that which needs no control and therefore a failure at what actually does need some control, or a wholly Statist-approved means of generating Gubment “revenue” – or some combination of two or more of those characteristic “forms”.

      It’s pretty much the same, in those terms, as what we are now “enjoying” from FedGov in nearly all respects – just at a somewhat-more-advanced level than the Feds have been able to achieve…yet.

      But the FedGov is catching up – fast!!

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