Poke That In Your Eye and Smoke It, Rove Baby

The Watercooler ~ Karl Rove (and other e-Repubs) butt in California gubernatorial race, too | RedState

In a bizarre attempt to maintain control of the Republican Party in California, Karl Rove’s hubris is beginning to take on almost paranoid features as he insists that if the Tea Party favorite — Tim Donnelly — wins the gubernatorial primary, it will tarnish all Republicans everywhere:

Karl Rove, the prominent Republican strategist, said Friday that Tim Donnelly will be a liability for Republicans nationwide if the tea party favorite finishes second in the gubernatorial primary election and advances to a November runoff against Gov. Jerry Brown.

“If the California Republican Party has as the leading candidate, the leading statewide candidate on the ballot this year somebody who has said the outrageous things that he’s said and prone to the outrageous behavior that he routinely engages in, it will be used to tarnish not only the California Republican Party, but they’ll throw it at everybody else on the ballot, and everybody else will, across the country, disavow the guy,” Rove told the conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt on his show.

This paranoia is reaching scary proportions as Rove, Condoleeza Rice and Mitt Romney all came out to support the only guy — Neel Kashkari — who is competing against Donnelly in the primary. In my view, Kashkari’s record could only qualify him as a “DIRC” — Democrat in Republican Clothing:

Gosh.  I mailed off my ballot yesterday, and I’m happy to say that I voted for Donnelly.  That it gives Rove apoplexy only sweetens the deal.

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