No, Obama Isn’t Going to Back Down an Inch

Is the Midterm Tsunami on Its Way? | National Review Online

Maybe President Obama will change the election’s course by placing a moratorium on Obamacare and starting over? Maybe he’ll approve the Keystone pipeline and approve more drilling offshore and on federal lands? Maybe he’ll compromise with Republicans to really secure the border and reduce illegal immigration by 90 percent? Maybe he’ll really put a freeze on Iran’s nuclear weapons? Or maybe the president will reinstate workfare for able-bodied adults to get welfare and food stamps?

Don’t be idiots.  Of course he won’t do anything of the sort.  First, he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about congressional Democrats.  Second, ideologues like Obama never, ever give back any gain they’ve managed to get – they’ll go down in flames, knowing that their time will come around again.  Third, the Democrat game plan for 2016 is to run against the “Obstructive Republican Congress.”

And that strategy requires a GOP Senate.  The Dems know they don’t have a prayer of flipping the House and, at best, they’ll hang on to the barest of majorities in the Senate.  But even that would give the GOP a counter-attack to Democrat charges of obstruction – “What do you mean, obstruction?  We couldn’t obstruct anything.  The Democrat Senate wouldn’t let us.”

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