Joan Walsh Worried for GOP as St. Barry Passes Offstage

GOP’s post-Obama problem: Why they’re lost without him — and with the electorate he helped create –

Something’s changed, and liberals can’t ignore it. Democrats won’t be running against neophytes or crackpots likely to self-destruct before November. Yet the GOP establishment’s short-term wins mask a long-term nightmare: The party has no real plan for American politics once Barack Obama goes off to enjoy a long retirement, or for the electorate he’s helped create.

Joan Walsh, who’s been a pinko whackjob for decades, has been sniffing at the jar of unicorn farts again.

Obama did not “create an electorate,” as Walsh and the rest of her ilk will learn to their great dismay shortly.

He may have destroyed Democrat hopes for a generation.  Right at the moment, the party’s only hope is to somehow convince John Boehner to pass scamnesty with a tiny minority of his own party, followed by his own political destruction.  Other than that, Joan is in for a brutal next several years.

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