Gay Men Are At the Greatest Risk For Acquiring or Transmitting HIV – That’s Just Fact

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 The T&TMedical Association wishes to express its disappointment with the decision by The UWI to terminate Prof Brendan Bain for statements he made while delivering expert testimony in a court in Belize. This is clearly a case of shooting the messenger!

There is irrefutable evidence that MSMs [Males who have Sex with Males] are at a higher risk of contracting (and spreading) HIV/AIDS. As a matter of fact they were one of the four original groups to be identified as being at risk when HIV first appeared on the scene in 1981 (remember the original 4Hs—homosexuals, haemophiliacs, heroin users and Haitians?) In fact we first became aware of HIV in a cluster of gay men who developed pneumocystis carni pneumonia (PCP) and then another cluster who developed Kaposi’s sarcoma. This prompted the CDC in Atlanta to coin the term “4H disease” and the press coined GRID gay related immune deficiency. 

Three decades later we know that the disease is not isolated to the gay community; however they still remain an at-risk group.

This is kind of cruising along under both the radar and the gaydar, but it shouldn’t.  It’s bullshit.  Dr. Bain only stated what any serious student of the HIV epidemic has known for more than 30 years: Males who have sex with males are at greatly increased risk for both spreading and becoming infected with the HIV virus.

The worst travesty of all, of course, is that given the simple and easily available methods of reducing and preventing transmission, this is still true today.

To drum him out of his job for speaking nothing more than the truth is a travesty.

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Gay Men Are At the Greatest Risk For Acquiring or Transmitting HIV – That’s Just Fact — 2 Comments

  1. The main take-away from this article is MSM meaning Males who have Sex with Males. Yep, next time I hear complaints about the MSM being in the tank for Obama or the MSM giving Republican candidates the shaft, I’m totally going to be thinking about that.

  2. I saw an article within the last decade or so which refuted the horror stories we heard in the early 1980s that AIDs would spread evenly throughout the general population. Certainly it has appeared almost everywhere, at least once or twice, but the article-if memory serves- mentioned that the vast majority of new infections occurred in around 15 neighborhoods in the country. Those neighborhoods, of course, have large gay populations.

    Oh sure, it might be true, but we don’t like it so it’s not explicitly permitted, and since it’s not explicitly permitted, it is therefore illegal. I expect that to be the case everywhere pretty soon.

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