Okay, Have At It! (Billy Hollis’s Books Bucket List)

A response to Amazon’s editors: my own suggestions for a well-read life | Questions and Observations

I ended up with about 50 books and categories. Here, then, are the books I think ought to be a bucket list for a well-read person, in alphabetic order except that I separated out the science fiction and placed it at the bottom.

The ones that are also on Amazon’s list have an asterisk. No doubt I’ve left off some obvious works, and no doubt our sharp and excellent commenters will remind me.

I’m sure you have some opinions….

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  1. The human brain has a tendency to see pattern in nonsense, and I have to wonder if Joyce was just trying to prove it.

    That made me laugh out loud, in part because I had thought I was the only one who felt that way.

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