Here’s An Angle on that California Knife-Gun Massacre I Hadn’t Seen Before

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On Elliott’s father’s photography page, there are photos (declothed) of his 22 year old stepmother.!/portfolio/G0000FDyJy6_MOJY

This seems to me to be a quite dysfunctional typical Hollywood family.

So 21 year old Elliott is socially inept and can’t get a girlfriend and his father is publicizing cheeky photos of the new mom, a “woman” 1 year older than his son. If you’d been stewing in those kind of juices for your whole life, you’ll be pretty screwed up.

The movie writes itself.

Unfortunately for the victims, it’s not fake blood and squibs, it’s actual death and they don’t get up and go to the cast party after they’ve cleaned off.

A little bit of Oedipus at work, maybe?

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