Why Didn’t The Cops and Gun Laws Stop This Whackjob Mass Murderer?

Elliot Rodger: Did Police Miss Their Chance?

Police have admitted Elliot Rodger was “severely mentally disturbed” – so were opportunities missed to stop his killing spree?

Santa Barbara sheriff Bill Brown told reporters they had encountered Rodger three times – the most significant on April 30 when a family member asked police to check on him.

“(Police) found him to be polite and courteous. He downplayed the concerns for his welfare and the deputies cleared the call,” said Sheriff Brown.

The usual suspects are going to be all over various aspects of this case, which screws with several of their narratives.  First, half of the murders were committed with a knife – an inconvenient fact for the “confiscate and ban guns and all will be safe” crowd, and second, the cops – the very people who are supposed to protect us from everything once we surrender our firearms – weren’t able to prevent this guy from doing what he did, even when they had multiple “warnings.”  (Of course, nobody warned the cops that this guy was planning on committing mass murder – how could they have?)

In actuality, this whole thing is a major and deadly argument against all the phony verities the gun grabbers preach, because it demonstrates that yes, it’s not the gun, it’s the guy using it (or using a knife):  If somebody wants to kill, they can find a weapon that will work.  Also, the cops cannot prevent violence.  Police are a reactive force and, even here, when seconds counted, the cops were minutes away. 

So the narrative I expect to see pushed is that the cops failed, even though what they were expected to do was impossible.  Also, very little mention will be made of the knife murders.  Instead, we’ll hear endlessly about how the cops visited him, spoke with him, and missed the fact that he was planning a mass murder and had guns in his house.

UPDATE: (At the Ace Place)

Gun Thread (5-25-2014)

Twitchy has a nice rundown on 3 myths about this incident plus one more that are already running rampant.

Here someone who was not disqualified under current gun laws lawfully purchased firearms and used them to commit a crime despite living in a state that makes the left fawn over its “tough gun laws” (e.g., http://www.msnbc.com/all/california-did-tough-gun-control-laws-cut). And like that second Twitchy link points out, he was already being seen by a psychiatrist who failed to diagnose the danger he posed.

Like always, the left would love to tell you that passing one more perfect law would solve this, but they can’t because of that damned NRA. Out in the real world, it’s hard to see how anything they openly claim to want would’ve made a difference here. Of course, what they really want is a complete gun ban but they don’t have the balls to say it.

And that still wouldn’t have stopped the knife murders.

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