Trayvon Martin Was Killed In Self Defense By A Man Whose Skull He Was Battering Into The Pavement

Hayes: Most People Realize There’s a ‘Dear Cost to Be Paid’ for Letting People Have Guns :: Grabien – The Multimedia Marketplace

‘You’re coming to me from Florida, which is now famous for the violence that has been visisted among young black men by citizens carrying guns’

I’m really tired of seeing this false meme go unchallenged.   The worst thing is that the progressives have somehow managed to twist this into a situation where even talking about Martin is somehow racist.

Here’s the truth:  Trayvon Martin was a young black male who looked like a thug, talked like a thug, acted like a thug, and aspired to be a thug.  He died as many young black thugs often do – shot to death during the commission of a crime.

But progressives and black race-baiters can’t tolerate that truth, because it conflicts with their own preferred false narratives.   Too bad.  We’ll still, like Jesse Jackson, be worried by, and frightened of, young black thugs like Trayvon Martin.  With damned good reason, too.


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