A Modest Proposal

USDA warns of sticker shock on U.S. beef as grilling season starts – Yahoo News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Department of Agriculture has warned of sticker shock facing home chefs on the eve of the Memorial Day holiday weekend, the unofficial start of the U.S. summer grilling season.

The agency said conditions in California could have “large and lasting effects on U.S. fruit, vegetable, dairy and egg prices,” as the most populous U.S. state struggles through what officials are calling a catastrophic drought.

But the fucking salmon and snail darters are doing fine, so…WINNING!

Bob Wright, a lawyer with Friends of the River, an environmental group, accused Feinstein of exploiting the drought to “cater to the wishes of powerful growers in Westlands and Kern County water districts.”

Powerful growers who want to grow food to feed to people, not fucking fish.   I think when hamburger gets too expensive, we should take a look at eating California environmentalists.  I’m sure that with the proper seasoning we could cover up their underlying rancid stench.

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A Modest Proposal — 3 Comments

  1. I disapprove of your suggestion. It’s not the cannibalism, per se, it’s the eating of those alleged humans. Look at it this way: if it grosses even me out, it may just be a bad idea.

    Now, I’m not one to raise objections without having a solution in hand, so: feed the environmentalists to the pigs. Use the pig shit to make biodiesel and eat the pigs. Being turned into biodiesel and bacon is the pinnacle of lifetime achievement for the typical large-mouthed, small-brained environmentalist.

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