The Counter-Productive “Rule of Law” In Mexico

Meet the Ragtag Vigilantes at War With Mexico’s Cartels | Raw File | WIRED

McDonnell used the technique to great effect in Vigilantes, a series documenting Mexico’s Auto Defensa—bands of vigilantes who protect communities against the violence of the cartels. In some communities, they have all but replaced the ineffective policing of federal forces.

The Auto Defensa are a response to a drug war between the government and powerful cartels, a war that has seen more than 70,000 people killed. Rural areas like La Costa Chica in Guerrero, where McDonnell made his photographs, have suffered most. Auto Defensa police guard villages in these areas around the clock, arresting and detaining those suspected of crimes and trying them in popular courts.

In Mexico the cops and the courts – in fact, the entire justice system – is totally corrupt and often owned outright by various drug cartels.  The same is true for much else in that government.

And, for you unthinking “rule of law” bozos, everything these Auto Defensa folks do is entirely illegal – especially the possession and use of the firearms they use to protect themselves and their families and villages from the ravening wolves that are often themselves protected by the Mexican state.

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