Vote For the Democrat Against McConnell and Boehner

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Twenty-five percent of “conservative” voters were open to voting for Alison Grimes. Granted, 21 percent of “liberals” were open to McConnell, but there are no hard feelings potentially blocking those voters from coming home to the Democrats in November. Among Republicans, there are lots of hard feelings. Read the intro to this CNN piece from a few days ago in which an annoyed Bevin shows off a “Fraud Alert” that Team Mitch sent around about him. Quote: “It’s unbelievable. It’s crap. This is how he has run his entire race. He’s attacking me for being a member of the tea party while threatening to crush these people and punch them in the nose.” His anger was, per CNN, a source of “amusement” to the McConnell camp. Politico got an even more interesting quote from Bevin the day after he was blown out: “You can’t punch people in the face, punch people in the face, punch people in the face, and ask them to have tea and crumpets with you and think it’s all good.”

I’m already on record about this:

Pours Encourager Les Autres | Daily Pundit

I’m going further than that.  I’m recommending that conservatives cross the aisle in November and vote against John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, and make it quite plain why they are doing so.

As I said elsewhere:

Is McConnell Toast Yet? Keep the Heat On Until He Is | Daily Pundit

The only message I want to send to both Boehner and McConnell is:  “You’re fired.”

The advantages to conservatives of that message being sent (and received) far outweigh, in my mind, the loss of McConnell’s Senate seat and Boehner’s House seat.

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