Water Panic In Portland

EVERYBODY PANIC!! [Costco on SE 84th] : Portland

Here’s the story:

Citywide Boil Water Notice Hits Portland Restaurants – Public Service Announcements – Eater PDX

Everybody panic: Earlier today, the Portland Water Bureau issued a Boil Water Notice for the entire Portland metro area, advising all residents in the red areas above to boil all tap water used for drinking and food preparation. (The reason: E. coli found in two samples taken from the Mt. Tabor reservoir.)

Unfortunately, the measure is having a major effect on local restaurants, many of whom were forced to toss out food prepped before this morning’s announcement, or make rushes to local supermarkets for bottled water and ice. (WWeek was first to report that Stumptown Coffee closed all Portland cafes today due to the notice.) Meanwhile, some restaurants — like the Bent Brick — are offering #pdxboil specials, mostly on beer, wine, and other non-H20 beverages.

You know what, though?  If you had one of these, like I do: Berkey Light Water Filter System with 2 Black Berkey Filters, you wouldn’t be worrying about any of this at all.  (Mine’s still going strong on the first set of filters after nearly four years.  I have backup filters stored away, of course.  Each set is supposed to be good for a minimum of five years.

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Water Panic In Portland — 5 Comments

  1. Boil your water before using it? An everyday occurrence here in Hong Kong. We’re constantly boiling 1.5 litres and letting it cool and then adding to the potable water jars we have.

    I do worry lately as both our drinking water and cooking methods run on electricity. In an electricity outage we have no way to boil water for drinking. So I am looking into something to remedy that.

  2. People are woefully uninformed about life.

    Supermarket hamburger is 55% contaminated with Coli and worse. 80% for chicken and ground turkey. There is a reason that “chicken tartare” never caught on. Yet, people still eat pink hamburgers.

    Making coffee kills the bacteria in the water. Oridnary but thorough cooking kills the bacteria.

    If the electricity goes out, then add 1/4 teaspoon of plain, unscented, ordinary strength liquid bleach to each gallon of water, stir, and wait one hour. That is safe to drink.

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