Mass Shooter Angered at Women

Isla Vista Shooting Rampage Leaves 7 Dead, 7 Hospitalized

While Brown would not name the suspect, he confirmed that a YouTube video titled “Elliot Rodger’s Retribution” appeared to be connected to the killing spree.

In the video, a young man sits behind the wheel of a parked car and rants about how he’s been ignored by women at UCSB and that his sexual advances have been rejected. He promises to go to Isla Vista on Friday night to seek revenge against women — especially sorority members — by slaughtering them.

Rodger’s Facebook page indicates he’s from Calabasas, and shows him sitting in a black BMW coupe.

Guy’s a whackjob, but you have to wonder if maybe, if women wage war on men long enough, men may start waging war in response.  And the male idea of war is a bit more brutally direct than the female’s.

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