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Don’t be a snob about coffee – The Week

Obviously, it is nice when a family member or friend gets known for making really good lasagna. Or when another one learns to take great photos. But the lines between talents, interests, avocational passions, my sense of self, and my checking account can get pretty jumbled. You can start by taking a few nice pictures on the camera you splurged on, but then months later you’re on internet message boards mocking others for their totally cheeseball Nikon-bokeh. You went from making images to obsessively retouching a self-image.

Maybe your coffee sucks, but I bet it’s not nearly as repulsive as the person trying to sell self-worth in a plastic tube.

I buy Costco ground Colombian in a can, keep it in the fridge, dump it into my aging Mr. Coffee, and drink the result.  Tastes fine. 

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  1. I’m worse. I’ll mosey on down to a select 7/11 that carries regular liquid Coffee-Mate in those big bottles (I know which locations have them), pour an extra-large cup of the regular stuff, dilute it with Coffee-Mate and sugar, then sip it down leisurely after the intense heat has dissipated.

  2. I buy Costco ground Colombian in a can, keep it in the fridge, dump it into my aging Mr. Coffee, and drink the result. Tastes fine.

    After years of using coffee machines, I now use a Francois et Mimi Stainless Steel Double Wall French Coffee Press, add 3 Tbsps. + 1 tsp. of coffee (17.42:1 water/coffee ratio) plus a wee pinch of kosher salt, heat 4 cups of water to 195°F in the microwave (~7-1/2 min.), pour in the press, let steep for 3-4 min., stir to settle the grounds, and slowly press. Makes a great cup every time! I use Yuban, and keep it in the refrigerator. It only took me 64 yrs. to learn to make really good coffee.

    I drink it black, hot, warm, or cold. BTW, Starbucks makes the worse black coffee on the planet.

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