Where Is Darwin When You Need Him?

Photos That Will Make Your Stomach DropBored Daddy | Bored Daddy

In which suicidal idiots find ever more ways to do suicidally idiotic things.

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Where Is Darwin When You Need Him? — 1 Comment

  1. The thing that annoys me most about half of those photos, and most like them, is that they have the appearance of danger but very little actual danger. The woman walking the high wire had a safety strap. Sure, you can admire the skill needed to walk the wire, but the odds of her being hurt were pretty low. Moreso for the Chinese group walking the cliff. If a pudgy, middle-aged man can walk that, even with the safety strap, odds are it’s not really that challenging. Even sitting on the troll’s tongue without safety gear isn’t that dangerous; as evidence I point to the lack of people dying every year.

    So, you can admire the nerve of or mock the suicidal stupidity of the people doing the real stunts, like climbing the frozen waterfall. But what should you feel but contempt for people who get their adrenaline rush from activities with no real danger? Shit, people, just revert to your preschool days, when seeing kids in monster costumes gave you an excuse to shriek.

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