Nemo Paradise Versus Ta-Nehisi Coates: No Contest

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Example:  Yesterday, Ta-Nehisi Coates published a 15,000 word essay examining in excruciating detail every possible argument supporting the payment of “reparations” to victims of slavery.  To attempt to take this on in a point-by-point rebuttal will be the province of people as obdurate as an Army mule; no one will read a word of it, just as very few will actually read all 15,000 words so carefully wrought and cleverly organized by Mr. Coates.

Example:   An armada of analyses have been trotted forth in support of the necessity for wealth redistribution, with calliope peals of fault-finding, rainbows of justifications, symphonies of statistics and tapestries of yarns (“Sophie, a single mother of nine in the Hough district of Cleveland…”).

Example:  Sea levels will rise, droughts will ravage, winds will blow, cataracts will pour, conflicts will escalate, civilizations will crumble, and entire cities will sink beneath the waves.

Example:  Poverty drives crime, social inequity drives poverty, privilege drives inequity, insensitivity drives privilege, ignorance drives insensitivity, and racism drives ignorance.

Example:  Drug crime is actually the responsibility of the consumers, without whom there would be no demand, and the nations of consumers must bear the responsibility for the damage they do to the economies of the producer nations, and its attendant widespread poverty, social unrest and local violence.

I could go on, but I’m not in competition with Mr. Coates, who dispenses words like a vending machine spits out chewing gum, collecting a fee for each individual packet. I’ll get to the point.

Which two words summarize all the arguments put forward above? Which two words will end all discussion and get us right to the point? Easy:

See if you can guess.  No fair peeking, now.

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  1. Almost too readily-obvious…

    First part of what I remarked over there:

    Ahh-h-h, Burt, you’ve done it again!…gets right down to what it’s really all about, does it not?…

    (I won’t include the last part I put over there – as that would tend to be a “spoiler”…)

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