The headline

Restaurant employees assaulted during armed robbery

and short news article don’t even mention the most interesting aspect: they had a big “no guns allowed” sign.

I know, I know, you’re shocked — shocked! — that an ABC affiliate doesn’t so much as mention that a gun ban doesn’t have any effect on those inclined to illegal acts.

It’s kind of too bad that none of the employees or customers were seriously hurt in the robbery. They all knew that they were working for or patronizing a company with a stupid policy. (If they didn’t realize the policy is stupid, then they’re stupid and deserve to die.) It’s really too bad that the owner or manager who set the policy wasn’t hurt or killed in the robbery.


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  1. When Iowahawk or Don Surber ( I don’t remember who) tweeted this story, I almost had a schadengasm at work, which would have proved quite embarrassing as I didn’t have a change of pants.

    I’m still chuckling about it today. Karma might be a bitch, but she’s got a great sense of humor.

  2. Whoever put that sign in the window is a straight-up classist, racist, elitist bigot hoping to lure some poor unfortunate into a life of crime.

    To put up a sign without that red circle and diagonal slash, hell, why don’t you just say, “I only speak to the One Percent. You must read English to enter this facility.”

    How’s a poor fellow supposed to know that they don’t want any gunplay if they don’t put up the “no guns” sign? Could’a been any damn thing written on that sign, which has never been properly vetted as to suitable content. Obviously they wasn’t serious in the first place.

    I’d sue ’em, if they’d enticed me into such an unfortunate situation.

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