So….This Asus T200 Is a Thing

ASUS Transformer Book T200 with 11.6-Inch Display & 500GB HDD in Dock Arrives Soon

Like we were expecting, the new ASUS Transformer Book T200 does arrive with a larger 11.6-inch display, but disappointingly there’s no resolution bump, at least to full HD levels. According to sources familiar with the matter, the resolution remains the standard 1366 x 769 pixels.

We also have confirmation that the hybrid will be available in two versions, one with 32GB of internal storage and one with 64GB. The German publication also says ASUS is planning to roll out models with 500GB hard drive embedded in the dock and, unlike the T100, this option will be available from the get-go.

Other functionalities include USB 3.0, probably living in the keyboard dock, like the Bluetooth 4.0 and HDMI out port.

In the hardware department, we’re going to see the T200 arrive with an Intel Atom Z3775 with four 1.46GHz cores that can be bumped up to 2.39GHz if more power is needed. The tablet will be fitted with 2GB of RAM, so there’s no change compared to the predecessor.

The default operating system is 32-bit Windows 8.1. There is some good news in the pricing department, as it appears the 32GB version with 500GB hard drive in the dock will be marketed for $399 / €399.

Rumor says Asus will announce at Computex in Taiwan the first week of June.  I’ll be looking for this one.

I wish they were making it with 4GB of ram, though.  It would just about be perfect with that, assuming the weight stays the same or even drops a tetch.

If I were to win the Powerball, I might take a look at that new 12″ Microsoft Surface Pro 3.  But I won’t, so I probably won’t.

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