Texas Getting Even Better

Perry and Dewhurst too liberal? Welcome to the new right-wing Texas | Bud Kennedy | Fort Wort…

Texas is about to become even more conservative.

With as many as eight new state senators and the possibility of a religious conservative radio host as lieutenant governor, that chamber will lean right no matter how the runoff Tuesday turns out.

Ron Paul libertarians also look like potential winners in some House runoffs, meaning more guns and less government interest in problem-solving about water, transportation or education.

That should please listeners to a certain radio talk station in Houston, where a morning host in 2004 had a harsh greeting for the Republican State Convention.

“The problem with Texas is that Rick Perry is too liberal,” the host said.

“David Dewhurst — he’s just too liberal!”

Radio host Dan Patrick is now the front-runner to succeed Dewhurst as lieutenant governor.

Whether or not he defeats Dewhurst, the new lineup of senators and House members will make former House Speaker Tom Craddick look like a lib.

Resignations and defeats of Senate business Republicans “have decimated the centrist-conservative wing,” Mark Jones, a Rice University political science professor, wrote by email.

I suppose many “Republicans” regard this as a disaster, but I’m not a Republican, and I don’t. I’d like to see more of this happening all over the country, by the way. Change from the grassroots up, not from the Little Red Book of Mao down.

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