New Democrat Strategy: The Problem Isn’t the VA, It’s Shinseki

Dems Begin to Call for Shinseki to Go: ‘We Don’t Have Time!’ | National Review Online

Two Democratic congressmen became the first members of their party to call for Veterans Affairs secretary Eric Shinseki’s resignation shortly after President Obama’s meeting with the embattled department head. While speaking on the House floor about a bill he co-sponsored to make it easier to fire VA officials, Representative David Scott of Georgia offered a passionate plea to address the problem and called for Shinseki’s ouster.

How surprising.  Democrats calling for the resignation of an official in a Democrat regime?

Actually, no.  It’s all part of the theater.  The Obama administration is aware that the VA scandal has struck a nerve.  But they’re not going to try to fix it.  They’re going to try to maneuver the whole mess into a protracted fight over whether Shinseki should go under the bus.

It will be noisy, flashy, and entirely spurious.  As soon as their polling indicates that most Americans have either ceased to pay attention, or have been gulled into believing that the whole problem is Shinseki’s fault, then Shinseki will either step down, or be asked to resign.

At which point most people still paying attention will believe that something useful actually happened.  And they will be wrong.

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