Ben Carson Tries To Brush Off The Second Amendment and the Liberty It Guarantees

A Course Between Principle and Pragmatism | National Review Online

This rationale will anger some who feel that their important issue, be it homosexual marriage, abortion, illegal immigration, or Second Amendment rights, should never be anywhere except front and center. I sympathize with those sentiments, but as a pragmatist, I realize that if conservatives continue to be fragmented over issues on which there will never be unanimous agreement, they will never get the chance to address these issues down the road. Principles are important — but so are wisdom and savvy when building consensus with people with different principles.

I was expecting something like this.  Carson has obviously been shocked at the pushback he’s gotten for several ill-advised statements he’s made about the RKBA and the Second Amendment.  So his first reaction, without actually repudiating what he said, was to try to walk away from it.  Unfortunately, he only dug the hole he was in deeper.

So now he’s trying a different tack:  You shouldn’t make the RKBA/Second “issue” a litmus test when deciding whether to vote for him.  Because then, I guess, that would make you a dogmatic ideologue rather than a pragmatic winner like he is – or wants to be.

As Dana Loesch puts it:


Sorry, Ben, but as long as you class the RKBA and the Second Amendment which guarantees it as an “issue,” rather than a constitutionally-guaranteed civil liberty, you will never get my support for the Presidency

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