Buncha Pussies Have No Idea What They’re Chanting About

Not a Cult: Creepily Chanting Leftists Shut Down College Forum

However, the Cult Conformity here is especially creepy and chilling. They have a cult call-and-response chant, in which someone shouts out some ill they oppose — such as “Survivor Doubt,” which means reserving any doubts whatsoever about a rape claim and investigating to see if the charge has any merit — and then the rest chant, in response, “We will never be silenced in the face of your violence.

Only a bunch of tools who’ve never faced real violence in their lives could chant this crap and actually believe it.

It is, for instance, really hard not to be silent with your broken jaw wired shut and all your teeth knocked out.

In the sixties, we chanted “Up Against the Wall, Motherfuckers,” a somewhat different take on the efficacy of violence.

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