CNN: We’re Hacks, And You Can’t Shame Us Into Not Being Hacks

This is CNN: Network Honcho Jeff Zucker Says He Won’t be “Shamed” Into Covering Benghazi, But Defends Flight 370 Coverage

But based on that minor thing — that had 24 hours to fill — they’re strutted around for years as if they were some sort of Titan of the Industry.

They’re not. And the industry itself is much diminished, nearly dwarfish.

More on this general subject at Hot Air.

CNN has never been much more than a small fish in a small pond.

It’s only cachet is that the Progressive media still thinks it means something.  Sort of like the New York Times.  And on the same spiral to the drain.

CNN is on every “public” television in the world – airports, bus stations, train stations, dentist office TVs.  I regard it as highly as I do most “public” artifacts – public housing, public toilets, public transit, and so forth.

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