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Open thread: McConnellgeddon « Hot Air

While we wait, via the Right Scoop, here’s Mark Levin wondering whether the time has come to send a message to RINOs who use dirty tricks in the primary by sitting out a general election. He’s not condoning the idea, he says, but it’s crossed his mind. Matt Bevin said earlier today of McConnell “My job is to beat him. And if we don’t, I don’t know how he wins in November when he’s divided his own party as much as he has.” Hmmmm.

I’m going further than that.  I’m recommending that conservatives cross the aisle in November and vote against John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, and make it quite plain why they are doing so.

Losing one House and one Senate seat isn’t the best of all possible worlds, but if the Ruling Party leadership came to understand that they can’t simply ignore the base of the party thanks to the enormous throw-weight that incumbency and power bring them in the GOP primary, I’d be willing to make that trade.  The only thing they fear is losing that power.  It doesn’t matter how we take it from them – in a primary, or in the general.  As long as we punish them, and that message gets absorbed by their fellows.

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