Good and Hard, Chumps. Good and Hard.

Feds used donations intended for poor for massages, luxuries for themselves |

Federal employees and a contractor diverted more than $1 million of charitable contributions to spending on themselves for in-office massages, meals at every meeting and other luxuries and unnecessary expenses, a government audit found.

They called themselves “volunteers” and said they needed “motivation” to help the less fortunate, even though some 41 federal workers were being paid full-time salaries to administer just one local chapter of the government’s annual workplace charity drive, the Combined Federal Campaign.

It is good to be one of the rulers.

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  1. True, but it’s not just government swine who pig out. Practically everyone who gets close to the money stream can’t help but dip their trotters into it. Recall United Way and the many well-paid Aramony family members. Makes me glad I never gave them a dime. (Despite great pressure by the top manager at one emlpoyer. Presumably he’d have gotten some kind of award for 100% employee participation. Sorry, Mark, won’t do it.)

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