No, Rick Santorum, No. Not Again.

The Santorum Conundrum | National Review Online

The mystery, the conundrum, is why the pundits continue to repeat the same mistake of underestimating Santorum. One would think they would instead try to figure out the reasons for his successes, so they won’t be burned again.

He finished second in the 2012 GOP primaries because his only constituency, social conservatives, weren’t enough to put him over the top even against a guy who could not, by definition, campaign against Barack Obama’s biggest weakness. 

And were he to be the GOP nominee in 2016, he would change that election from being a referendum on the Obama years and the Democrat party’s failures into a referendum on the GOP’s biggest weaknesses, gay marriage, abortion, and sin.

Thanks, but no thanks.  Let’s try to nominate somebody who has at least a remote shot at winning a general election.

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