The Time to Save On Tablets and Notebooks Is Now

Spring Deals on Laptops and Tablets

Here’s the thing: We are coming up on that time of year when a lot of companies are going to start rolling out a lot of new products, but most of those will only offer incremental improvements over the previous versions – a little faster processer, slightly better resolution, a half hour more battery life, an ounce less weight. But as a general proposition, the current model and the new model will offer you about the same ability to get the same sort of work done.

The difference will be that the current model – which manufacturers are shoving out of the channels to make room for the new stuff – is going to cost a lot less. In other words, if you don’t necessarily want the bleeding-edge latest and greatest, you can save yourself a fair bit of money. Start by checking out the deals here on tablets and notebooks. You might be surprised at how well you can do.

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  1. Broken Amazon link.

    I’m really tempted to get one, but I’m holding off. I just signed up for a new consulting gig and start next week, which is good, and the hourly rate is a nice bump from my just-ended contract, which is better… but the gig might be going away. God damn, but I hate the NYS government. Naturally, I don’t find out about this until after I declined another contract. Anyway, I might be making good bucks shortly or I might be making nothing, so I can’t risk buying anything but food.

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