Let’s End This “Conservative” Presidential Boomlet For Dr. Ben Carson – He’s an Open Gun-Banner

Ben Carson: I’m Being Pressured to Run for President

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson is under a growing amount of pressure to seek the presidency, but he says he still doesn’t want to run.

Still, he hasn’t ruled it out entirely yet.

“It wasn’t on my bucket list at the time I retired,” Carson told NBC “Meet the Press” host David Gregory during a roundtable discussion on the Sunday news show. “I didn’t [want to run] and I still don’t want to.”

But there is a “lot of pressure,” said Carson, who is a rising star in the Republican Party without holding a public office. “I’ll see how things go. I’m never going to say absolutely or absolutely not until it is an absolute.”

Give it up, Ben.  No liberty-minded conservative who respects the Constitution is going to vote for you once they know you’re a gun-grabber.

Ben Carson on Gun Control

Appearing on Glenn Beck’s radio show this past week, Carson took a vastly different stance from most conservatives on the issue of gun control, claiming you shouldn’t be able to own semi-automatic weapons in large cities.
Asked by Beck for his thoughts on the Second Amendment, Carson gave the popular pro-gun argument: “There’s a reason for the Second Amendment; people do have the right to have weapons.”

But when asked whether people should be allowed to own “semi-automatic weapons,” the doctor replied: “It depends on where you live. I think if you live in the midst of a lot of people, and I’m afraid that that semi-automatic weapon is going to
fall into the hands of a crazy person, I would rather you not have it,” Carson elaborated. However, if you live “out in the country somewhere by yourself” and want to own a semi-automatic weapon, he added, “I’ve no problem with that.”

This betrays not only a lack of understanding of the source of our unalienable liberties, but in making the decision to infringe the Second Amendemnt-guaranteed right to keep and bear arms based on whether “he has a problem with it – or not” indicates that he doesn’t understand the role of the Constitution itself.

American liberties are not amenable to infringement based on the personal preferences of political candidates, even if they call themselves conservatives.  And politicians who think as Dr. Carson does automatically disqualify themselves from getting my vote.  They simply cannot be trusted.

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Let’s End This “Conservative” Presidential Boomlet For Dr. Ben Carson – He’s an Open Gun-Banner — 5 Comments

  1. Your information is so old, it qualifies for Social Security. Just last week Dr Carson said that he is opposed to any gun registration and that he would NEVER change the 2nd amendment…
    Please make sure your readers have up to date information on Dr Carson

    • Get back to me when he retracts the statement I just quoted. And stick your strawman response up your ass.

      “Registration” and “wouldn’t change Second” does not equal a retraction of: “I don’t think people in urban areas should be able to own semiautomatic weapons.” (Which happen to be the most common form of firearms).

      My statement – and the accuracy of the quote – stands. And at this point, even if he retracted it, I wouldn’t trust him.

      • Let me make another point: It’s one thing to say that you wouldn’t “change” the Second. But apparently Carson thinks that the Second permits semiautos to be banned in urban areas – at least, he apparently supports some such interpretation.

        And that’s not anybody I want in the White House “interpreting” what’s permissible under the Second.

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