I Know, It’s A Politico Poll – But a Clever One

Poll: GOP voters back immigration reform – Katie Glueck – POLITICO.com

Comprehensive immigration reform enjoys broad bipartisan support, but is particularly intense among Hispanic voters, who are most likely to weigh the issue heavily as they assess candidates, according to a new POLITICO poll of voters in places with the most competitive House and Senate races.

There is something very, very hinky about this poll, and I think it’s tied up with the bit I bolded, above.

It comes up with some amazing results.  For instance, the “sample” is said to be Republican by a wide margin.  It also supports more gun control by a wide margin, and says that more gun control is either somewhat, or extremely important to them.

As to immigration, at one point the sample rates the issue of immigration very low on its scale at 3% saying it’s important, but on specific questions, nearly three quarters of this strongly GOP sample favors immigration reform, and an even higher percentage claims that immigration reform is either somewhat or extremely important to them.

I’m not sure exactly how this poll was gimmicked, but I’m certain almost beyond a shadow of doubt that it was.  If anybody can check the cross-tabs and tell me exactly how, let me know,  would you?

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